Cadence is an owner and developer of residential, commercial, and retail properties with a focus on contextual design and collaborative solutions. Howard Glatzer established Cadence with more than 25 years in real estate finance and investment management, which includes directing high-profile real estate investment platforms, large capital improvement projects, and new development. Cadence combines this expertise with a passion for the built environment to create innovative properties that bring value to investors, partners, and residents.

Architecture & Design

Architecture Outfit is a New York-based architectural design firm that creates spaces combining a heightened minimalist aesthetic with thoughtful attention to every detail of the occupant’s experience.

Exclusive Marketing and Sales

Halstead Property Development Marketing (HPDM) is a leading sales and marketing firm dedicated to the craft of new development. HPDM partners with celebrated developers, architects, and designers to create superior building and living experiences of the highest caliber.

Branding & Communications

Within over 30 years of property marketing experience, Wordsearch has become the global leader in branding and communications for real estate and architecture, with 9 offices worldwide.